Number Description
WR-00304-I01-31000-I02 VLX2010 OC3 TRCVR UN
WR-00304-I01-31000-I1 VLX2010 OC3 TRCVR UN
WR-00304-L01-31000-I1 VLX2010 OC3 TRCVR
WR-00304-L01-55000-I01 OC3 4PT 1550NM PLM
WR-00304-M01-31000-I01 4-PT OC-3 MMF MOD
WR-01202-I01-31000-I02 VLX2010 OC12 TRCVR UN
WR-01202-I01-31000-I1 VLX2010 OC12 TRCVR UN
WR-01202-L01-31000-I1 VLX2010 OC12 TRCVR UN
WR-01202-L01-55000-I01 OC12 2PT 1550NM PLM
WR-01204-I01-31000-I02 VLX2010 OC12 TRCVR UN
WR-01204-I01-31000-I1 VLX2010 OC12 TRCVR UN
WR-01204-L01-31000-I1 VLX2010 OC12 TRCVR UN
WR-01204-L01-55000-I01 OC12 4PT 1550NM PLM
WR-04801- C11-45100-I01 TRCVR 1PT OC48 UN
WR-04801- C11-47100-I01 TRCVR 1PT OC48 UN
WR-04801- C11-49100-I01 TRCVR 1PT OC48 UN
WR-04801- C11-51100-I01 TRCVR 1PT OC48 UN
WR-04801- C11-53100-I01 TRCVR 1PT OC48 UN
WR-04801- C11-55100-I01 TRCVR 1PT OC48 UN
WR-04801- C11-57100-I01 TRCVR 1PT OC48 UN
WR-04801- C11-59100-I01 TRCVR 1PT OC48 UN
WR-04801- C11-61100-I01 TRCVR 1PT OC48 UN
WR-04801- V11-31000-I01 TRCVR 1PT OC48 UN
WR-04801-101-31000-I2 VLX2010 1PRT OC-48 UN
WR-04801-C01-45100-I01 1-PORT OC-48 TRCVR CD
WR-04801-C01-45100-I02 1-PORT OC-48 TRCVR CD
WR-04801-C01-47100-I02 VLX2010 OC-48 1-PT
WR-04801-C01-49100-I02 VLX2010 OC-48 1-PT
WR-04801-C01-51100-I02 VLX2010 OC-48 1-PT
WR-04801-C01-53100-I02 VLX2010 OC-48 1-PT
WR-04801-C01-55100-I02 VLX2010 OC-48 1-PT
WR-04801-C01-57100-I02 VLX2010 OC-48 1-PT
WR-04801-C01-59100-I02 VLX2010 OC-48 1-PT
WR-04801-C01-61100-I02 VLX2010 OC-48 1-PT
WR-04801-I01-31000 VLX2010 1PRT OC-48 UN
WR-04801-I01-31000-I03 VLX2010 1PRT OC-48 UN
WR-04801-I01-31000-I04 VLX2010 1PRT OC-48 UN
WR-04801-I11-31000-I01 TRCVR 1PT OC48 UN
WR-04801-L01-31000-I02 VLX2010 TRCVR UN
WR-04801-L01-31000-I1 VLX2010 TRCVR UN
WR-04801-L01-55000-I02 VLX2010 OC48 TRCVR UN
WR-04801-L01-55000-I1 VLX2010 OC48 TRCVR UN
WR-04801-L11-31000-I01 TRCVR 1PT OC48 UN
WR-04801-L11-55000-I01 TRCVR 1PT OC48 UN
WR-04801-LO1-47100-I1 VLX2010 OC-48 1-PT
WR-04801-LO1-49100-I1 VLX2010 OC-48 1-PT
WR-04801-LO1-51100-I1 VLX2010 OC-48 1-PT
WR-04801-LO1-53100-I1 VLX2010 OC-48 1-PT
WR-04801-LO1-55100-I1 VLX2010 OC-48 1-PT
WR-04801-LO1-57100-I1 VLX2010 OC-48 1-PT
WR-04801-LO1-59100-I1 VLX2010 OC-48 1-PT
WR-04801-LO1-61100-I1 VLX2010 OC-48 1-PT
WR-04801-SFP-00000-I01 OC-48 1PT SFP BASE PLM
WR-04801-T04-52877-I01 VLX2020 OC48 1PRT
WR-04801-T04-53190-I01 VLX2020 OC48 1PRT
WR-04801-T04-53504-I01 VLX2020 OC48 1 PRT
WR-04801-T04-53819-I01 VLX2020 OC48 1 PRT
WR-04801-T04-54135-I01 VLX2020 OC48 1 PRT
WR-04801-T04-54453-I01 VLX2020 OC48 1 PRT
WR-04801-T04-54772-I01 VLX2020 OC48 1 PRT
WR-04801-T04-55092-I01 VLX2020 OC48 1 PRT
WR-04801-T04-55413-I01 VLX2020 OC48 1 PRT
WR-04801-T04-55736-I01 VLX2020 OC48 1 PRT
WR-04801-T04-56061-I01 VLX2020 OC48 1 PRT
WR-04801-V01-31000-I-01 VLX2010 OC48 TRCVR CD
WR-04801-V01-31000-I02 VLX2010 OC48 TRCVR CD
WR-04802-C01-45100 VLX2020 CWDM PLM
WR-04802-C01-47100 VLX2020 CWDM PLM
WR-04802-C01-49100 VLX2020 CWDM PLM
WR-04802-C01-51100 VLX2020 CWDM PLM
WR-04802-C01-53100 VLX2020 CWDM PLM
WR-04802-I01-31000 VLX2020 OC48 IR PLM
WR-04802-I01-31000-I01 VLX2010/2020 OC48 UNIT
WR-04802-L01-31000-I01 TRCVR 1PT OC48 UN
WR-04802-L01-55000-I01 OC-48 LR 1550NM PLM
WR-04804-C01-47100-I01 OC48 4PT CWDM PLM
WR-04804-C01-55100-I01 OC48 4PT CWDM PLM
WR-04804-I01-31000-I01 OC48 4PT 1310 PLM
WR-04804-L01-31000-I01 OC48 4PT 1310NM PLM
WR-04804-L01-55000-I01 OC-48 4PT 1550NM PLM
WR-19201-I01-31000-I1 VLX2020 OC-192 1PT CD
WR-19201-I01-55000-I02 OC-192 1PT CD
WR-19201-I01-55000-I1 VLX2020 OC-192 1PT CD
WR-19201-L01-55000-I02 1PT OC-192 CD
WR-19201-L01-55000-I1 VLX2020 1PT OC-192 CD
WR-19201-S01-31000-I02 OC-192 1PT CD
WR-19201-T04-52877-I1 VLX2020 4-CHAN OC-192
WR-19201-T04-53190-I1 VLX2020 4-CHAN OC-192
WR-19201-T04-53504-I1 VLX2020 4-CHAN OC-192
WR-19201-T04-53819-I1 VLX2020 4-CHAN OC-192
WR-19201-T04-54135-I1 VLX2020 4-CHAN OC-192
WR-19201-T04-54453-I1 VLX2020 4-CHAN OC-192
WR-19201-T04-54772-I1 VLX2020 4-CHAN OC-192
WR-19201-T04-55092-I1 VLX2020 4-CHAN OC-192
WR-19201-T04-55413-I1 VLX2020 4-CHAN OC-192
WR-19201-T04-55736-I1 VLX2020 4-CHAN OC-192
WR-19201-T04-56061-I1 VLX2020 4-CHAN OC-192
WR-19201-T0W-52877-I01 TRCVR 1PT OC192 UN
WR-19201-T0W-52877-I02 TRCVR 1PT OC192 UN
WR-19201-T1W-52877-I01 TRCVR 1PT OC192 UN
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