Lot of Adtran equipment available

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Part Number    Description
11874600    RPR I/O MOD BKPLN
1187401L1    LMIO-CH50 DIVD PRS
1187401G1    LMIO-CH50 DIVD PRS
1175006L2    TA 750 POWER SUPPLY UN
1187300L1    8 PT DS1 EFM LN MOD
1175408L2    TA 750 QUAD FSX ACCESS
1175012L1    TA 750 BANK CONTROLLER
1187100L1    24 PT POTS W/ADSL2+
1200375L1    TOTAL ACCESS 850 CHAS
1181426L1    TA 3000/3010 ADSL2+ ACCESS MOD
1181047L1    TA 3000/3010 SWITCH MODULE 2
1175043L2 L1    TA 750 PWR SUP/ CHARGR
1175407L2    TA 750 QUAD FXO ACCESS
1184503L1    DS3/STS-1 TRIB MOD
1184533L2    DS3/STS-1 TRIB MOD
1202155L2    TDU 120DC RKMT DSU/CSU
1180007L1    TA 1500 PWR SUP W/RING
1181500L2    LINE POWER UNIT
1181500L1    LINE POWER UNIT
1203376L1    TA 850 ROUTER CONTRL UNIT

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